Colour Consultation

With an incredible eye for colour and detail we can advise the perfect colour scheme for your décor.

When it comes to choosing the colours for the interior and exterior of your home there are many factors to consider. How are those colours affected by lighting (both natural and artificial) and other elements such as your flooring, tiling and upholstered furniture?

Choosing something as simple as white for your home gets a little more complicated when you are offered the extensive range of whites on offer. Having worked in Otago for the past 33 years we have a clear idea of which colours work and those that don’t.

Other considerations are things like what is this room used for, does the paint you are applying need to work a little harder in certain areas or do you want a particular finish/texture to be applied?

With access to everything from Resene and Dulux to Aalto and Porters paint as well as international paint options you can be assured that we will find both the exact colour and the correct finish required for each area of your home. It is important that the colours you choose work cohesively with the other interior design elements throughout your home.